2024 6th International Conference on Intelligent Control, Measurement and Signal Processing (ICMSP 2024)



The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Intelligent Control and Automation

(1) Control Theory and Application

(2) Intelligent and Optimal Control System

(3) System Science and System Engineering

(4) System Modeling, Analysis and Synthesis

(5) Power system and its automation

(6) Power electronics and power drive

(7) Smart Grid

Signal and Information Processing

(1) New methods and techniques of logging signal processing

(2) Signal Acquisition and Processing of Geophysical Exploration Instruments

(3) New methods and technologies of digital signal processing

(4) Real-time signal and random signal acquisition and processing technology

(5) Array Signal Processing Technology

(6) Advanced filtering technology

(7) Multi-source information fusion technology

(8) Image processing

(9) Embedded System

Artificial Intelligence and Robots

(1) Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

(2) Statistical learning and pattern recognition

(3) Computer Vision

(4) Robots

(5) Application of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Oil and Gas Field Development

(6) Oilfield digitalization, automation and intellectualization

Measurement and Control Technology and Intelligent Instruments

(1) Rotary steering drilling equipment and measurement while drilling technology

(2) New technologies and methods of logging tools

(3) Geophysical exploration methods and instruments

(4) Advanced measurement and control technology and its application

(5) Intelligent instruments

(6) Advanced sensors

(7) Sensor networks and multi-information fusion

Photoelectric Detection and Measurement Technology

(1) The theory and technology of optical fiber sensing

(2) Distributed Fiber and Grating Measurement Technology

(3) Visible and Infrared Imaging and Image Processing

(4) Electromagnetic measurement and testing

(5) Laser measurement technology and its application

(6) X-ray detection technology and its application

(7) New Technology and New Method for Detecting Damage and Leakage of Oil and Gas Pipeline